Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Summer Camps

So this is our first foray into the summer camp scene.  Last summer, we kept them busy with swimming at my mom's and trips to the library for a bunch of the free summer reading program events.  We'll do the same this year, but I wanted to be sure to get a few extra things scheduled for them, especially Caroline.

In early July, Caroline will be attending a morning camp at the local community college called "Adventures with American Girls." It's an all girls (I'm guessing, what boy would sign up for that?) with crafts, cooking, singing, and even some little history lessons focused on American Girl dolls.  Since Caroline just got one for Christmas, she was all jazzed up about this one.  I'm glad this is the first one because it will be all girls and ease her into the summer camp scene.

We'll be vacationing for a week in the Outer Banks in later July and then after we get back, she'll attend another morning camp at the community college in early August, but this one is focused on art.  I thought maybe she'd want to do one with theater arts or something like that but ART got her attention.  (She's quite a crafty kid.)  They'll dabble in all different kinds and I'm sure she'll be bringing home some masterpieces. 

All the community college camps start at age 7, so I've been looking forward to this summer for a few years since they have so many offerings.  They're reasonably priced and I'm thankful that my ILs are willing to drive her. 

As for Bryce, I've just registered both he and Caroline for a Tuesday evening "cool camp" at a local nature center.  It's just 2 hours, five Tuesday evenings in a row and they get to explore the marsh and animals and such.  Parents are required to stay around for it but don't have to participate so I'll either go by myself and, oh my goodness, READ, or have Jay and Piper go along and walk the trails. 

Now to see what the county public library has planned for the summer (they had some great programs last summer) and we'll be all set. 

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Bracken said...

That sounds soooo cool. I was mentioning to Jenna that we should look at a camp for Sydney this summer. Granted she will be at camp Grandma and Grandpa for a month....or maybe that is bootcamp :> I do think a kids camp would be fun.