Tuesday, March 01, 2011


On Mondays, my mom has Piper all day and Bryce in the afternoon.  Most days, they all leave her house and go to pick up Caroline at school.  But yesterday was a little difference since my dad was home after a doctor's appointment, so because Piper was still sleeping, my mom let her sleep and went to get Caroline while Bryce and Piper stayed at her house with my dad.  Well, I guess Piper woke up from her nap rather quietly and started doing her usual exploring.  My dad didn't hear a thing until she dropped something.  When he went up to investigate, Piper had taken a brand new bottle of children's shampoo and was squeezing it into the sink.  I guess she got some on her but most of it went into the sink.  Mess.

Seriously, what is this little girl's fascination with squeezing beauty products out?  She's done this to toothpaste, body wash (all over Caroline's carpet, nice!), shampoo, lotion.....she can't get enough. 

I felt bad that she wasted a whole bottle of shampoo and that she made a mess at my mom's house.  And this is just after the whole makeup incident last week.  You really have to watch this girl every.single.second. 

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