Sunday, March 06, 2011

Port Discovery & Harry Potter

Because we hadn't done anything really fun with the kids as a family in a while, we decided to take the kids out to Port Discovery yesterday morning.  Spring most definitely needs to come and an afternoon of running around was needed.  I kept the secret from them until we pulled up in the parking garage and they were very excited.  Spent over 3 hours doing all kind of different stuff, climbing up the monstrous climbing structure, and exploring.  Caroline is my most tentative child in that she was the one who hesitated about climbing and going into the "spooky" exhibits.  Bryce is my avid climber and didn't let his fear of heights keep him from scaling all 3 floors of the climbing structure.  Piper jumped right on in too although needed more help due to her size.  Caroline finally realized it would be okay and joined us in climbing and was very proud of herself afterward.

We packed a lunch and took a break around 1pm to eat and then went back to exploring.  They loved the water room and had a great time in the Egyptian exhibit too.  I brought along our digital video camera and then mistakenly locked it in the locker after I just put a $1 into it so not wanting to plug another dollar in, left it in there and just enjoyed most of the time sans camera.  This little photo was snapped by Jason's phone near the end of the day.  Piper was hanging tough with the big kids until around 2pm when the lack of nap caught up with her and she threw a fit at the top of the climbing structure and wouldn't come out.  I had to carry her kicking and screaming out of a tight rope bridge where she lost a shoe and I had to retrieve it.  We also got separated from Bryce and that pretty much sealed the deal that it was time to go.  (He wasn't even aware we didn't know where he was and we knew he was somewhere in the climbing structure so it was only moderately worrisome and we found him quickly as soon as we realized he wasn't where we expected him to be.)

Piper crashed on the way home in minutes and napped the whole way home.  After dinner, Jason and Caroline decided it was time to finally watch the first Harry Potter movie.  Together they had been reading the first Harry Potter book and had finished it just a few days ago.  Even though my kids are easily frightened, we thought they would be okay with this one, especially since Caroline knew what was going to happen.  (She completely blew us away with how much she remembered from the book in terms of details like names of places, characters, etc. Reading Comprehension?  A+)  Bryce did pretty well although Jason covered his eyes when Voldemort came out of the back of Quirrell's head.  Piper only made it halfway through although paid more attention than I ever would have expected.  She was wiped up from a semi-nap and all the activity of the day.

When the movie was over, the kids were thrilled and ready for the next one, but I think we'll stick with making them read the books first.  Caroline admitted to a crush on Harry Potter and Bryce has been obsessively asking questions all morning about everything from Daniel Radcliffe's middle name to if there is really such thing as magic.  In fact, they're in watching it a second time already, so I'm guessing we've bred a new generation of Potter fans although the books get more complicated and scary so we'll see how quickly they progress.

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Lauren said...

I love Piper's hair in this picture- she looks SOOOO cute!