Thursday, March 31, 2011

Piper Strikes Again

When I got home from work yesterday, Jason was already elbow deep in making dinner so I ran upstairs to use the bathroom and change my clothes.  Piper came up behind me but didn't make it up in time before I closed the bathroom door.  (Can I get a little privacy, please?)  She banged on the door a few times and I told her I'd be out in a minute.  When I came out a few minutes later, I found her kneeling next to my dresser with a tissue in hand, "cleaning" up the mess she had just made on the carpet and her stool that she'd brought in.  The mess?  A nice, dark, reddish-brown lip gloss.  Argh!

When I was in the bathroom and she stopped banging and quieted down, I assumed she'd gone back downstairs. Nope.  She decided to help herself to some of my makeup.  Mind you, my dresser is chest high to me, so not exactly something that a 2 year old has free access to.  She sees me put make up on their regularly and often while I'm standing there she'll ask for some lip balm.  I usually give her this clear coconut flavored gloss and she'll go over to the mirror on the back of the door, put it on and then marvel at how beautiful she is. 

It is important to note that I rarely wear anything except my trusty Neosporin Lip Balm on my lips.  I've never been a big fan of lipstick since it comes right off (the long wearing varieties turn my lips into a burning, irritated mess) and what do I usually do as soon as I finish putting on makeup?  Kiss my kids good bye.  I don't want to be leaving lip prints all over them every morning.  However, I do have this little tube of lip gloss that I use occasionally for a little bit of color.  On my lips, not so dark.  On the carpet, DARK!

As soon as I caught her I calmly asked her what she was doing.  "Cleaning. Mommy, you mad?"  Um, yeah, I was a little bit but also amused at her curiosity to find the lip gloss and her use of a tissue to try and clean it up. When I confirmed that yes, I was "mad" at her, she started saying, "Wawwy, Mommy, wawwy." (Sorry)  Then she went and hid behind the rocker in her room until I had her come out for dinner.

I took her downstairs and had her tell Jason what she did and she apologized to him and asked him if he was mad.  After dinner, Jason went up and shampooed the carpet.  It came out mostly but probably could use another stain treatment.  My next house will have carpet that hides dirt and stains better.

She hit me up with more "wawwies" while getting her ready for bed and I do think she understand what she did wrong and that she is not to be playing with makeup.  I'm still amazed at what this little girl can get into in such a short amount of time.  It's hard to make everything Piper-proof.

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