Monday, March 07, 2011

Out of Sorts

It was a good weekend.  But I'm completely out of sorts this morning.  Mistakenly overslept so I couldn't fit in a workout (but not that I was late for all the rest of things I had to do), but probably couldn't have worked out anyway since I'm still healing from my podiatry issues from late last week.  Just not ready for the stress of a athletic training type workout.  Too much jumping for my poor toe.  So I think because I missed my workout, I was extra tired by the time I got to work (got enough sleep so that wasn't the problem).  Guess I'm accustomed to that adrenaline surge I usually get.  Hope to get back into it tomorrow. Put too much creamer in my coffee and it tasted way too sweet - I've cut back on that lately too - so I couldn't drink it all (less caffeine than usual).  Bryce dilly dallied way too long and we left the house later than usual.  Got to work feeling sooooo sleepy and the unusual traffic for a Monday made the whole commute longer.  My throat feels slightly sore and I'm not sure if it's a cold coming on or allergies.  Then at work the systems were running slooooooow and just kind of mirroring how I was feeling.

Now it's time to eat lunch and I'm hoping for a burst of energy after lunch.  I need something to get this day going.  I thought about a walk but I hate walking when it's windy.  Is it still so freaking windy out?  I'm ready for spring.  Please.  This late winter crap is so over.

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