Sunday, March 20, 2011

Now a Strep Watch

Bryce slept well and woke up without a fever but complaining of his throat hurting.  However, within an hour of waking the fever returned and his throat is still bothering him.  Upon examining his throat, his tonsils are VERY big although not truly read or with any white patches on them which are usually telltale for strep.  He's under the effects of ibuprofen right now but says it feels like there's something in his throat and when he talks you can hear the swollen tonsils.  Now I'm debating whether to take him to Minute Clinic today or wait until I can take him into the doctor tomorrow.  Usually all the sick appointments are in the afternoon so that means another 24 hours of waiting.  My mom and dad are coming over this afternoon and Nurse Bertie will assess him as well.  That may very well make up my mind.  Minute Clinic does a rapid strep test and if that's the case he'll get on antibiotics right away, something that's very important when you're hoping to avoid it spreading through your house.

As a child, I would get strep throat 4 times a year.  Every cold turned into strep until I got my tonsils out at 12, so I know how much it sucks.  I got so good at getting my throat swabbed, it stopped gagging me.

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