Tuesday, March 15, 2011


She finally lost that wobbly, front, top tooth. It had been looking mighty weird for a while and we wanted to yank it. But we waited and it fell out in Art. The weirdest thing is that for being loosened a little prematurely, the new tooth is already peeking through. A little girl's smile no more.

ETA: She's written the TF a note asking her to leave the new tooth, bring back the one from before, and leave her money.  Man, since when did kids start making tooth fairy demands?  She also wants the TF to sign something.  Grrrrreat.  Guess what I'm about to do....

Curious though, how much do you/will you all leave for teeth?  I gave her a dollar bill and a golden dollar coin for her first one but I'm only leaving her a buck tonight.


Bracken said...

We did a dollar. Depending what wenhad we gave a dollar bill or four quarters. She was happy :)

Courtney said...

we left a 2 euro coin for the first one... but plan on one for the rest. also, i'm with my mom on the "tooth fairy doesn't write back" concept --- the morning after when there is no note... she's forgetful, fluttery and has a big job collecting teeth -- carrying teeth and money and a wand... there is no room to carry a pen. my mom could really keep the drama (for me) going --- probably until i lost all of my teeth.

girls are so different. Owen was SO glad to have cashed in and switched tooth for money... i bet Louisa will be making demands!!

Katie said...

We gave $1 coins for first two teeth. Will probably continue with that, I guess. Emily doesn't even really care, so it doesn't even matter at this point. She's more excited about the "magic" of it all and not the $.

Loosing the top teeth is a big deal b/c it changes their smile more than losing the bottom ones do. I think it is a pretty big milestone for C & you too! They are growing up so fast!!!