Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fever Watch

Jay and I got out for a date night tonight (dinner and The King's Speech - soooo good), thanks to my SIL and her husband, Jesse.  But, while we were out, Bryce started with a fever (over 101) and Piper cried because she missed me.  Poor Kelly and Jesse!  But thankfully, Caroline was able to comfort Piper and make her stop crying and Bryce didn't start with the fever until the end of the night.  Now we wait to see what else develops since a fever usually isn't alone, but then my kids have had several fever viruses in the past.  Figures I might end up on my day off on Monday with a sick kiddo at home.  We shall see, but I hope he feels better soon and more symptoms don't follow, fevers suck!  But how long before it spreads to the girls?

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