Friday, March 11, 2011

Dust Collector From My Youth

I made this in the 3rd grade and I made my mom keep it through my childhood because I couldn't part with it. She stashed it in a closet somewhere and it magically appeared in my house a few weeks ago. As a parent of 3 kids (one that is a major pack rat), I now understand how keeping this around probably drove her nuts. Who doesn't want a red, paper maché turtle sitting around for years? Oh the dust on this thing!  I was doing some housewide decluttering today and this got caught in my crosshairs. Last chance for adoption is Wednesday night - trash eve.


Heather said...

Its beautiful! (I love the crock pot working its magic in the background! What's brewing in there?)

Katie said...

You cant trash him now?! Save the turtle!!

Viv said...

I agree save the turtle! You can't trash him now after all these years! Don't you have a memory box with childhood papers and creations he can be added to?
And how funny that you made a turtle when both your & Jay are Terps for life and your babies room were turtles decor. (does that make you wanna keep it?)