Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Day After the Fall Out

Caroline woke up with a charge this morning - to see if the Tooth Fairy granted her requests!  I heard her squeal from my room upon finding both of her teeth, the money, and the TF writing on her letter.  She just could NOT get over the fact that the TF had brought back her old tooth.  "She must have a separate pile of teeth for every child in the world."  She looked at the old tooth and remarked that she just KNEW that it was her's and that it hadn't been mixed up with another child's.  And then she had to show me where the TF had written "Yes" to agree to the things she'd asked for.  I really must scan this letter/drawing because it's adorable. 

As soon as we went downstairs she had to call Jason right away to fill him in on all the news.  She told him that she knew it was her tooth because it still fit - she tried it.  Ha!  She also told him she wanted to collect all of her teeth so that she could look at them when she was a teenager.  Of course, all I could think of was she'll keep them in a little jar and put them on her desk the day she moves into college and have her new roommate think she's a freak.  (Katie, I'm glad you didn't have all your baby teeth in a jar freshman year!) 

With her not even losing the first tooth until a few weeks ago, I'd venture to say that her tooth loss process will probably take her into her early teens - or at the very least past the age of belief in the TF.  So this is all quite fun while it lasts.  Bryce is already preparing himself for his first lost tooth and I'll admit how sad that thought makes me because he has the MOST perfect little teeth I've ever seen - and perfectly spaced.  Caroline's top teeth were a little weird looking so I'll be glad for her to get her new ones especially considering how much her teeth have spaced out recently in preparing for the adult teeth to emerge. 

I had to make Caroline promise me that she would not take her (fallen out) teeth to school today but thought she might want to take the note.  Losing that tooth in school was probably the most exciting thing she's had happen to her in a while.  She got to go to the nurse and be the center of attention all afternoon.  I'd say it was a good day for her.  And because she was so happy about the happenings of the day, she was in a super good mood and behaving like a saint.   I really couldn't have asked for more.  Thanks, Tooth Fairy!

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Katie said...

She doubts Santa, but the tooth fairy has a separate pile of teeth for every kid in the world!?!?! LOL!!! How exciting for C though!