Thursday, March 10, 2011

Chatty Girl

Caroline has always been a talker, but I wouldn't consider her my biggest talker.  That award goes to Bryce - kid could talk the leg off a chair.  But, it seems Caroline has been having problems at school recently controlling her talking and had had her clip moved and even been to time out as a result.  I've been in touch via email with her teacher, Ms. B, and while I know it's not a major behavior problem, it's a problem nonetheless.  Ms. B says that she'll tell Caroline to stop talking and then by the time she turns around, she's talking again.

Of course, if you ask Caroline about it she'll blame the other child for it or say that Ms. B didn't realize what she was trying to do.  (This is the same kind of explanation we get at home when they get in trouble too.)  So last night after a back and forth on email with Ms. B, Jason had a talk with her about how important it is that she's following Ms. B's instructions and that by talking to another child, she's not only hindering her own learning, she's hindering theirs.  Jason asked her how she'd feel if she was busy talking to the boy who sits next to her (the one she helps) and he missed Ms. B's instructions and then couldn't do his work?  I think that may have made her stop and consider that maybe her talking is detrimental. 

I'm not really surprised this is an issue as we've been having some struggles with Caroline at home lately with following directions.  And the more tired she is, the worse it is too.  My mom and I were talking about it last night and we both think that Caroline is just going through a bit of a difficult phase lately.  7 year old growing pains.  We make sure to talk to her a lot and make sure she has some non-sibling time with us and hopefully, as time goes on it will pass.  She's a happy kid and Ms. B says she's always loved Caroline's social personality, but it seems she's taking it a bit far.  Maybe spring finally coming and getting them out for more exercise will help too. 

Did you hear that groundhog?  I said spring.  It's time, dude.


Lauren said...

Love the new font! Fits the blog perfectly. :)

(I'm a total graphic design nerd and appreciate those subtle things.)

Erika said...

I'm the same way, Lauren. After the initial blog changes, I wasn't so sure about what I'd chosen but hadn't had time to go back and mess with it again.