Thursday, March 17, 2011


So I've said before how much I enjoy the fact that Caroline says "brefixt" for breakfast.   I just love it.  Maybe it's because she says so few words incorrectly and it's one of the few cute, younger speech things she's hanging onto.  She used to say "ridiculous" as "rid-ick-lee-ous" and "regular" as "reg-lee-er" and doesn't anymore and I miss it.  In fact, I still pronounce both words that that way on occasion. 

So last night, Caroline left me another one of her awesome notes when I went to bed.  In fact, she put it under my covers and I didn't notice it until I'd turned out the light and gotten into bed and felt it.  In her note she asked me if I would dye her milk green at "brefixt."  Yep, she spelled it exactly like she pronounces it.  I couldn't help but get a giggle out of that.

Is it time to come clean on how to truly pronounce it?  Jason and I don't say incorrectly, we say "breakfast," so it's funny to me that she continues to pronounce and spell it incorrectly.  I'm just not ready to let this little Carolineism go.

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Heather said...

We have "goodlicous" at our house, instead of delicious. She'll never say it correctly because now we all say goodlicious....its just so cute!