Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Weekend Wrap Up

It was a great, albeit, fast weekend!  Here's the scoop:

All 3 kids were up between 5:30 and 6am on Saturday so I was a little worried how the day would go since I knew they'd have a late evening.  Since both Caroline and Bryce brought home class lists for valentines and a request for some candy for Caroline's class, we headed out to Target before lunch to procure said valentines.  Got some cool Phineas and Ferb ones for the boys and some Lenticular Disney ones (Selena, Demi, and Hannah) for the girls.  Did you know what lenticular means?  I sure didn't.  It was weird because there were a LOT of them labeled as such and I had no idea what it meant.  Looked like regular turn 'em one way see one picture, turn 'em another way see another picture valentines to me!

After we got home and had lunch, I gave Piper a bath and then spent almost an hour getting her down to sleep.  Man, I miss the crib.  I miss just being able to put her in it and her getting bored and going to sleep.  Now we have to sit in the room until she sleeps or rock her.  I don't mind rocking (she's my baby!) her but sometimes she doesn't want to be rocked.  Turkey.  Finally got her to sleep, got Bryce in the shower and all spiffed up and then Caroline took her turn.  Got them all dressed, beautiful/handsome, and ready for their 4pm pickup by Bertie and Pop Pop.  Piper insisted on a purse - carried a mini-baby doll, lip balm, and a few other oddities.  They were so excited for their Valentines date!  Spaghetti dinner at my mom and dad's church followed by Disney on Ice!  They had seats only 5 rows from the ice and loved every second of it.

Meanwhile, kid free for the moment, I squeezed in a workout while Jason got showered and then got ready for our Valentine's dinner date at Clementine.  I'd heard good things about it and then it made the Baltimore Top 50 List in the Baltimore Sun a few months back and put it on my short list.  Has some similar characteristics to Woodberry Kitchen in using local and organic produce/providers too but then, a lot of restaurants are now.  This was a perfect meal!  From the wine, the salad, the escargot (I always order them if they're on the menu since it reminds me of our honeymoon) to the main course and dessert - delicious!  And totally unlike the usually non-meat kind of girl that I am, got the beef!  So tender, no fat, and with gouda smoked mashed potatoes and veggies.  Wonderful.  And then the desserts were totally homemade - I had their coconut cake with old fashioned boiled icing that apparently no one makes anymore.  Yum.

Yes, I'll admit, I was a wee bit tipsy when we left.  Our server gave me some GIANT glasses of wine. 

We weren't home that long and the kids arrived home full of stories and excitement for the evening.  We quickly got them settled into bed and and they slept until 7am on Sunday!  As soon as they got up, they were all 3 coloring in their new Disney on Ice Coloring books and did so for quite a while.  Yay for new coloring pages!  Jason and I got the next 2 week menu done and coordinating grocery list and then he and Bryce headed to the store while the girls and I picked up around the house and played.

By the afternoon, I was in full cooking mode with the biscotti and pot pie and whipped up a quick batch of vanilla instant pudding for dessert.  Served in fancy cups, it seemed pretty high class to the kids and they were very pleased.  I also took the time to give each of them their little valentine prezzies.  For Caroline, I got her some Old Navy pink sparkly tennis shoes, nail polish pen and a new Junie B book, Bryce got a new book, Phineas and Ferb t-shirt, and new headphones, and finally Piper got an Olivia coloring book, a Dora book, new headphones and the cutest book, I couldn't resist - If I Could Keep You Little. (That is JUST how I feel about her!)

The kids went to bed happy and ready for their Valentine's Day at school.  This morning, I happily was able to work out without any little cupids interrupting me, but when I got upstairs after, I found Caroline on the couch reading her new book.  Not watching TV, reading!   I can't tell you how cute I thought that was.  She loves her new book so much that she wanted to keep reading it this morning as soon as she got up.  She likes to read but this is a first for even her - I think there will be more of these Junie B. books in her future! Good thing there are lots of them!

So it was a good weekend and should be a decent week without frigid temperatures or snow.  Thank you Mr. Groundhog, I had faith in your prediction.  Let's hope it holds out!


Lisa :) said...

Has Caroline ever read the Magic Tree House books? My kids always enjoyed them.

Heather said...

Sounds like Valentine's day is a true holiday at your house! What fun!!!

Heather said...

Sounds like Valentine's day is a true holiday at your house! What fun!!!