Wednesday, February 02, 2011

The Upside of 5:30 Wakeups

Piper continues to wake up at the butt crack of dawn.  She doesn't wake up as early on the weekends which tells me that she's waking up because she knows other people in the house are up.   Although I'm not quite sure how she knows.  She has a white noise machine, Jason and I are super quiet and there are no lights on around her room so she shouldn't be able to see much light under her door.  But 5:30am came and as I got out of bed, so did Piper.  And when Piper wakes up in the morning on her own, she's rarin' to go.  Talky talky and no concept of being quiet.  She thunders down into the kitchen to see Jason and a few minutes later, there's Bryce - Mr. Loud himself.  And before I can get down to the basement for some peace, I mean, exercise, Piper has gone up and woken up Caroline.  I told Caroline and Bryce that if they don't want her to wake them up we can close their doors but they want NO part of that.  Thankfully this morning, they played happily together while I finished up my workout (ALONE!).  Jason left a 6 so getting them to play peacefully until 6:20 is an accomplishment, some mornings it doesn't work out like that.

So this evening was a bit tough, especially for Bryce with meltdown after meltdown and clearly because the kid was exhausted.  (He usually wakes up at 6:30ish.)  He was passed out before 7:45 and I was downstairs making lunches before 8pm and to a silent upstairs.  Not even Caroline was stirring, which, again, is saying something!  It's weird when the kids are in bed at exactly 8pm now - my evening seems really long.  So I'm going to enjoy it because before we know it, lighter evenings will be upon us and kids will be pushing 8:30 or later.  There is something good about dark evenings!

As for Piper, it's pitch dark in her room so I have no idea how she knows it's "day" (as she calls it).  She can't reach any lights and staying in her bed is NOT gonna happen.  This feisty one doesn't sit anywhere for long.  She's a walking tornado who wrecks my whole house every day.  So I guess we'll just continue to roll with this new morning routine.  I miss my few peaceful moments to myself though.  It's why I get up at 5:30 to exercise - to do it in peace.  Sometimes Bryce will wander down mid-workout and try and talk to me while he lifts a spare pair of dumbbells and tells me how strong he is.  Nothing like cursing at Jillian Michaels under your breath and trying to answer your 5 year old's questions about why the pipes go a certain direction in the house.


Lauren said...

Do you workout to a dvd? I have a few that i like to rotate between, but am always looking for new suggestions. I like any workouts by Jackie Warner and Billy Blanks..

Katie said...

I'm so proud of you for sticking with your early-morning work outs!!!! You go girl!