Sunday, February 20, 2011


Well, it was a BIG night last night at our house....and a big morning.  Caroline has lost her first tooth!  I know 7 1/4 is fairly old for a first tooth (and Caroline knows it too) so it's a much celebrated event around here.  I was so excited that it was the bottom tooth, the one that got loose naturally rather than the one that got loose at the mercy of Bryce's head.  She's been wiggling both of them for a while and we were just waiting to find out which would be first.  I thought the bottom one was looser and I was right!  She was still having some anxiety about it though and we had to be careful what we said to make sure she didn't freak out.

We were upstairs getting ready for bed and Caroline randomly started asking me tooth loss questions.  Apparently, at that moment it had gotten REALLY loose and she wasn't telling us.    I then went into Bryce's room to read to him and all of a sudden Caroline started jumping around and I yelled in that she better get changed and brush her teeth.  She didn't say a word and complied.  Then she went back into her room where Jason was waiting for her and I hear him exclaim something that told me something was going on.  And in rushes Caroline, I lost my tooth!!!!

I guess all that jumping around she did was the moment she lost her tooth and because she was kind of taking it all in, she didn't say anything.  Turns out, it barely bled (thank goodness) and just came out on its own.  She was GIDDY with excitement and I think most of it was a result of her anxiety being gone - loosing it wasn't a big deal!  (As we'd told her!)  So of course, she got all prepped for the tooth fairy and even wrote her a note: "Dear Tooth Fairy, I just lost my first tooth.  Please take good care of it.  Love, Caroline H.  P.S. It's not messy."  Of course, that's been saved too.

The Tooth Fairy brought her 2 bucks - a regular dollar and a shiny golden dollar special for it being her first tooth.  I think the TF will stick with the $1 for the rest of them, I'm not breaking the bank with it.  She was THRILLED this morning and it's all I've heard the 3 kids talking about - definitely a big deal.

Now I'm ready for that top one to fall out.  You can see from the photo how weird and crooked it is.  That's the one that will really change her smile.  She's growing up.  There's nothing I can do.


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That's great! Cute pic!

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