Thursday, February 24, 2011

Time Bandit

Here is what Caroline sat at our island in the kitchen and drew while Jason was making dinner yesterday evening. (It's her sitting at the island watching the microwave clock. (Sorry for the background "noise" on the picture, she drew it on the back of our menu that was sitting on the counter.)

Click on it to make it bigger:

Told you she was obsessed with digital clocks! I love her people drawings lately, they always have such funny eyes. Never looking straight ahead. We have one on our fridge that makes me giggle every time I look at it.

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Katie said...

That is really good! Emily went through a digital clock obsession herself. I have to remember when it was exactly, but it was in the last year. She was obsessed with waiting for the hour to change over...1:59 to 2:00 etc or three of the same number 4:44 etc., or birthdays 11:11, 12:28, etc. Oh gosh, look how much fun digital clocks can be! LOL.