Thursday, February 10, 2011


I made the decision yesterday morning to not feed Caroline and Piper breakfast on weekdays anymore.  I know, that sounds terrible.  But really, you've gotta know the whole story.  First of all, in the old days (um, like last month) Caroline and Piper would sleep until around 7am and my MIL or mom arrive at 7:15 - so hardly a long time to wait.  When I make Bryce and I breakfast, it's just before 7am anyway so there's hardly a long period of time between us eating and the girls getting to eat.  Plus, on most mornings, Caroline and Piper eat AGAIN after my mom/MIL arrive!  And to top it all off, Piper rarely eats more than a few bites so it's a complete waste of milk and cereal.  But really, that's less my motivation for my new policy than the events of yesterday morning.

As usual lately, Piper and Caroline were up before 6am.  Fun times.  The earlier they get up, the more potential for fights and Piper Cry Cry (what I call Piper when she's in one of her moods where everything makes her cry).  By the time I got out of the shower, Piper was already tormenting Bryce who was just waking up.  So we go downstairs and immediately, all 3 of them are yelling about breakfast.  And typically, they all want something different, yet when I ask them, getting an answer out of each of them is next to impossible.  So I finally get 3 different bowls of cereal on the table and then turn around to get juice.  As I'm doing that, Piper gets up into her chair and needs to get her apron on and pushed into the table.  I'm clearly busy and ask Caroline to do it - who happily agrees and walks over.  Well, that is NOT okay with Piper.  She wants me and starts yelling at Caroline to get away from her.  Caroline sits back down but Piper is primed for disaster.  She's ticked off having to wait and continues to yell about being pushed in.  As usual, I ignore her because, well, what's the point in that?  Caroline makes some comment to Piper about eating and I snap at Caroline to stop taunting Piper (for the millionth time this month) and turn around to get the juice.  Just as I turn around, I see it alllllllll happen.  Bryce, who is sitting across the table from Piper, says to her, "Look Piper, I'm eating!" and makes some aggravating face.  Well, already ticked off Piper can't handle that and takes her blankie that she's holding and whips it in Bryce's direction.

This is the point where I felt like it was in slow motion -  I see her whipping the blanket and it going on the table and I want to yell "NOOOOOO!" but it's too late - cereal and milk are everywhere.  Piper continues screaming but for a different reason this time.  Somehow she managed to get very little of the mess on her and I grab her and sit her little butt down on the sofa while I clean up.  Caroline and Bryce start running their mouths and I promptly tell them no one is to talk - silent breakfast!  I was so angry!  Angry that Piper reacted that way.  Angry that both Caroline and Bryce taunt Piper constantly - they've figured out how to push her buttons!  And angry that I was now running late, in my work clothes, trying to clean up milk and cereal, and my back/head was hurting.  Oh the joy.  I told Caroline and Bryce how tired I was of them taunting Piper and while I was very angry with her behavior, I was equally tired of them doing things to elicit a response on her part.  Of course they both tried to make excuses but I wouldn't let them talk.  The peace helped me breath through it.  I couldn't believe how far the milk and cereal had gotten across the floor.  Had I been in non-work clothes, I would have been able to kneel down on the floor but because I was dressed, it made my task a little trickier.

Finally a few minutes later, all was cleaned up and Piper who had since calmed down walked back through the kitchen with her head hanging and mumbled "Wawee (sorry), Mommy."  I appreciated that it was a self motivated apology, but she certainly owed me one.

So this is why I am no longer rushing to get both girls fed in the morning.  The commotion isn't worth it, especially when Caroline has over an hour after I leave to eat and get ready for school.  I give both girls drinks if they want them, but won't go down the breakfast route again anytime soon.  Caroline can certainly fix her own cereal now but I know that would go over well if Caroline was eating and Piper was not.  I already get up at 5:30, I'm not getting up earlier.

I love these kids but it's mornings like this that make me happy to be going to work (and yes, I have my share of days where I'd rather stay home with them than go out).  I know I'll miss these days when they're older and normally I can totally enjoy them, but these types of situations really do try your patience.  I asked Jason this morning if he thought Piper was worse or better than Caroline and Bryce in their 2's because I feel as though she's a bit more intense.  Jason thinks we're just forgetting, which he's probably right.  I think she just has her very own particularly Piper way of being two.  Oh heavens, what will the 3's be like because I always found them harder!

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