Friday, February 04, 2011


To be filed under "Where the hell did that come from?" is Piper's affinity for spitting.  When she gets particularly angry about something, she spits.  I've seen it the most when I have to force her to brush her teeth and after I'm done she walks toward the bathroom door, spits on the floor and walks out.  You can imagine how much I LOVE this behavior, right?

I've even caught her trying to spit on her siblings when she gets mad at them.  But tonight took the cake.  She had two mini-pieces of pizza on her plate that she had taken a solitary bite out of  and when I told her to eat them she got mad and spit a big old wad of spit on one of them.  I was so shocked, I had to turn my head away to keep from showing any kind of reaction other than anger.  (Surprise can look like you're laughing, I think.)  Jason straightened her out while I regained my composure.  I took away her plate and, as I expected, she got angry so I told her she could have it back if she ate more.  She ate a few more bites and then was done.  As I was wiping her off I told her mouths were not for spitting and she told me she was sorry without even prompting her.

I have NO idea where this behavior came from.  None of the rest of us are spitters.  I really need a blog category called "things the other 2 never did" because that seems to be a lot of things Piper does.


Bertie said...

Maybe she was a camel or llama(sp?) in her first life? LOL

Heather said...

Gretchen went through that phase. It was torture. I scolded her often and told her we ONLY spit out our toothpaste into the sink. She landed in time out ALOT for spitting...she was probably Piper's age too.