Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Secret Bedroom Tricks

Piper is doing better in the toddler bed in terms of night waking and early waking.  We put on of those doorknob covers on and I think because she knows she can't get out, she stays in bed.  However, she's now figured out how to turn on the light.  She uses either her Olivia dress up trunk or her trashcan turned upside down to flick the light on.  So far she hasn't done this in the middle of the night, only at bedtime or upon waking in the morning.  I have no problem with her doing it in the morning as she'll usually play or read books quietly before she starts yelling for us.  Plus the book shelf and dresser are bolted to the wall so it's fairly safe in there.

However, she's given us a little trouble with bedtimes but not terribly so.  Being 2 1/2 she doesn't realize how easy it is for us to figure out that she's not sleeping.  Last night she was in there after we put her to bed playing with her dollhouse and honked the horn on the little car.  Busted!  I turned the light out, put her back to bed and a few minutes later I heard a thud.  It was the sound machine she'd knocked off when she tried to turn it off.  A bit of a fit erupted after that and she wouldn't stay in bed, so I turned off the light (at the lamp) and put her in bed and left.  Jason went up then and got her to calm down and stay in bed.  This is where the 2 parent "fresh" parent technique works the best.  She's not angry with him so she'll calm down and do what he says.  This has worked a few times quite well the past week.

She's also had some issues understanding I mean business when I give her the chance to rock in the rocker together.  She'll turn me down and then after putting her to bed she screams to be rocked.  Typical toddler behavior and I will not give in as she needs to learn the limits.  I give her the chance to be rocked every night but she needs to know it's not a carte blanche for rocking whenever she wants.

I have to admit though, it is pretty cute to see her playing in her room by herself and then running to me for a big hug the second I open the door as though I've freed her.

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Heather said...

The 2 parent fresh technique? I LOVE, if only Allen didn't work nights.....ha.