Sunday, February 20, 2011

Piper and the Potty Training

So I suppose I should update on this as I never have gotten back to a previous post where I mentioned it. Caroline and Bryce weren't potty trained until 3 years 2 months and 3 years 4 months, respectively. With Caroline we worked with her for months before she turned 3 and all it ended up doing was stressing us all out, her not being truly potty trained, and us having to remind her all.the.time. To me, if you're having to remind them, even though they stay dry, they aren't potty trained. Anyway, so when Bryce's turn came around, I took a much more hands off approach and we waited until he was truly ready. One weekend we just let him go pantsless and he did great. Worked up to underwear and all of a sudden he was trained!

So with Piper, I also had NO illusions of her being trained any time before she was 3. And until just recently, she had ZERO interest in even trying to use the potty, so we never even brought it up. That was, until 2 weeks ago on a Friday night. She was in the tub and said she had to pee. Huh? I quickly got her out, she sat on her little potty and pee she did. Woohoo! I gave her one little candy and she was thrilled. It kept up the rest of the weekend on a sporadic basis. She'd still have wet diapers but every so often the urge would hit her and she'd go. I think she liked the reward, honestly. (We never did any kind of candy rewards with the other two - they didn't give 2 shakes about stickers!) Then it continued through the week and even involved going #2 a few times. That was particularly funny since we had told her 1 candy for pee and 2 candies for well, you know. My MIL said she went and all of a sudden she heard her yelling "2 candies! 2 candies!" Of course she called us at work and insisted on calling daddy first! (That's a father/daughter bonding moment, right?) And now she's progressed to mostly only sitting on the big toilet with the little potty seat on top. (I much prefer that option since it involves no cleanup!) We bought her some Pull-Ups last week to mix in with the diapers too - she likes them.

But, we're still not potty trained. She still goes in her pants but she'll have hours of dry pants too where she'll listen to her urges to go. At 2 1/2 this is way ahead of her siblings so I'll continue to not pressure her and let it go where it goes. We have lots of Jelly Bellys (thanks to Ms. Fran at work) and they seem to be the perfect reward so we'll bide our time.

Piper always has done everything different from her siblings so I figure potty training would be too, I just figured it would be way harder. Maybe that little girl has a few more tricks up her sleeve or maybe she's just going to figure this out on her own. Time will tell.

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