Thursday, February 24, 2011

My "Famous" Friend

THIS guy is one of my friends from college.  Ha ha ha ha!  He was my co-RA my senior year at Maryland and he was such a fun guy to hang out with - so this photo really doesn't surprise me.  It was taken a few years ago before he and his wife had their first baby but he just posted it on Facebook a few weeks ago and somehow, it's ended up on Awkward Family Pet Photos!  He actually posted the direct link to it and thanked his "friends" for submitting it.  Ha ha ha ha!  And Malcolm is not his real name.....(No, it wasn't me that submitted it but I will admit that when he initially posted it, the thought crossed my mind.)

My sister has warned me that one day we might show up on Awkward Family Photos if she ever gets around to scanning some of our photos from our 1992 Disney trip in which our mom made us wear, gulp, fanny packs around the park to carry our stuff in.  I know there is one particular photo of the 3 of us standing with Chewbacca at then Disney MGM Studios that is particularly awkward.  I'm looking awkwardly fabulous trying to hide said fanny pack and in my high waisted shorts and bad hair while my brother and sister are reveling in their own tween awkwardness and not even trying to hide the fanny packs.  And no, I will NOT scan that photo for you to laugh at.

Needless to say, my kids won't be wearing fanny packs on our trip to Disney next year.

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