Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mr. Handsome

Ever since Bryce started going to daycare/preschool, I've enjoyed his interest in other kids.  Caroline has always been the type to pay attention to every little detail about everyone she comes into contact with, but Bryce has a little bit of a different approach as I think he's my uber social child.  Caroline is social too, don't get me wrong, but Bryce just takes it to the next level.  Kid could talk the leg off a chair plus, he likes to embellish and, er, make things up.  He's constantly telling us about the supposed conversations that he has with the other kids in his class at school.  It always makes me laugh when he comes up with these stories that are just so obviously concocted in his head.  The most obvious ones are how we'll be having something totally random for dinner and he'll say, "Monet is having XXX for dinner tonight too!"  Um, Bryce, how in the world would you know that?  Of course he'll always say she told him.  Or he'll get into these long drawn out explanations of things these kids have told him when I know very well that Ashton didn't get into any kind of detail like that about fake tattoos.

And then you have a new issue that I hadn't even thought about - the girls LIKE Bryce! There's one little girl that I've seen being dropped off when I'm there in the morning and she'll blush, get a big smile on her face and say "Hiiiiiiiiii Bryce!"  I've also seen a bunch of other little girls hugging on him a few times and then when he talks about who his best friends are, they are usually girls.  I tend to think that Bryce isn't your typical, rough and tough boy since he is so used to playing with his sisters.  Yes he likes his share of monster trucks and super heros, but he just isn't as rough as some of the other boys in our neighborhood or his class, so maybe these little girls just pick up on it.  I don't know but he certainly seems to have a few groupies in his class - and how can you resist those big old blue eyes and white blond that is never brushed?

I'm just so interested in what he will be like in kindergarten next year.  I'm realizing how much of my focus the past 2 years has been on Caroline and how she's adjusting to "real" school, her social interactions, behavior, etc.  Not that I don't think about Bryce but I think because he's my 2nd kid, I don't worry about it as much.  But that will all change when he starts in the fall especially since we all know how differently boys vs. girls can be in terms of adjusting to school and the things they do.  Not that I'm worried, it will just be different.  It will be so strange having two of them at school.  Managing 2 kids with homework in the evenings, 2 kids with different assignments to remember, 2 kids with gym on different days (gotta remember the tennis shoes!), 2 kids with different American Education Week visitation days....and the list goes on and on!

I know Bryce will do great and I can't wait to hear his impressions on the same things that Caroline went through.   Things that he likes that Caroline didn't and vice versa. 

Oh and another side note on Bryce that is so funny/cute/infuriating is that aside from him starting most conversations with "Mommy/Daddy, I want to tell you something."  He also does a lot of lip licking, lip smacking and other little stalling techniques before he actually tells you what he wants to tell you.  You can tell he's gathering his thoughts (he's a very articulate kid) and for the most part we are patient, but sometimes at dinner it makes me insane because the kids are vying for the turn to speak and pausing before saying something gives someone else a chance to butt in - which happens without fail and then the original speaker gets angry.  Sometimes I feel like Billy Madison - T-t-t-t-t-today Junior!  I know this is just a developmental thing and if I got it on video, you'd think it was cute, and it is.  I just need for him to spit it out sometimes!

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