Monday, February 21, 2011


Bryce has always been an affectionate kid and I never thought anyone could beat him, but Piper has taken a page from his book and then some.  She is the most lovable, huggable, kissable little girl I've ever known.  Most every interaction with her ends up involving some kind of Piper love.  When you're dressing her or changing her, you will most definitely get a squeeze.  When you come home from work, look out, she's ready to give you oodles of kisses.  When she sits in your lap and talks to you, she has to throw in a few kisses and hugs to get her point across.  And when it's bedtime, she makes sure she gets her fill for the night. 

It's really delightful.  She has just the perfect amount of squish to her that makes her so fun to hug.  Her little cheeks are so soft, how can you not kiss them?  She's gotten very into pucker up and kiss my lips types of kisses lately too and isn't happy until she can kiss you right on the mouth.  The cute thing too is that she shares this affection with all the people she loves so my parents and Jason's parents get a good helping every time they see her.  I love how happy she is to see everyone in our family and how much love she gives out.  I keep thinking that she is this lovable because of how much love we give her.  At least that's a theory I like to support.

Bryce is still pretty darn affectionate so I'm thinking Piper will continue on this path for a while.  Not that Caroline isn't affectionate but she isn't a bubbling over pot like her younger siblings.  One of Bryce and Piper's favorite "games" right now is to compete for my lap when I'm sitting on the couch.  They basically play king of the hill with me and keep saying "My Mommy!" over and over and then pushing the other one off while kissing and hugging me.  I like it at first, until it turns into an actual fight, but sometimes it stays playful and I just get to soak up the love. 

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Heather said...

That sounds delightful! Louie has started giving me kisses (and only me!)...he grabs my cheeks and pulls my head towards him then he plants an open mouth on me! I live for it!!!! [I should Blog this!]