Sunday, February 20, 2011

Exactly What I Wanted

Well, we finally found it and ordered it!  Our new kitchen dining set!  I'd been looking for such a long time and a few weeks ago walked into a local, family owned furniture store and found it.  It's an Amish company based in Ohio that makes tables and chairs custom and I just cannot wait for it to get here!  We've been saving our money for it and this is our forever set!  Since it's custom choice, I don't have exact pictures but here's kind of what we're getting - this table (boat style) but with a double pedestal in maple with a similar finish.  It will be 42 inches wide by 66 inches long without the leaves.  We've ordered it with two 12 inch leaves that store in the table - it's so cool.  You should see the amazing handiwork and gears that make it possible for one person to change the table themselves!  Plus, with choosing a pedestal over regular table legs, we can squeeze an extra person or two around the table since no one will be straddling a table leg!

As for chairs, here are the chairs we're getting although in the same finish as the table and UNupholstered (does anyone with young kids have upholstered chairs in their kitchen?):

We'll be getting 8 of them but only typically have 6 out.  The coolest thing about these chairs is that they are way more comfortable without padding!  They have this really great design that gives lumbar support and kind of cradles your lower back.  We sat in several different versions at the store and you just can't believe how different they feel than other hard wooden chairs.  This particular style is new to the company and I fell in love with it the second I saw it.

They should be ready in about 8 weeks, which isn't so long considering we've been talking about doing this for years.  It's a lot of money but totally worth it since I don't feel as though we're compromising and it should last us for a very long time.  We met the store manager when we first were considering this line and he was telling how his son has a set with a couple of young kids and how you can't even tell it's had heavy use after a few years.  I'm a believer in furniture being you get what you pay for and since I wanted a timeless set to last us a while, this fits the bill.  Now to keep the kids (ahem, Piper) from stabbing it with her fork.


Heather said...

LOVE IT! I knew Amish was the way to should last you forever!

Bracken said...