Thursday, February 24, 2011

Book Smart

Piper impresses me yet again with her ability to problem solve.  After the past couple nights of her turning on her lights after we put her to bed by using her trashcan or Olivia dress up trunk, we took both items out of her room. 

Well, I should have taken them out as soon as I put her to bed but thought I'd give her a chance only to find her in her room with the light on, completely buck naked, just having peed all over the floor.  She has this weird fascination with zip sleepers.  If she wears top/bottom PJs she never messes with them even though she can get the pants off without problems. But if she's in a zipper sleeper, instant nakedness the second she's alone mostly because, well, she can!  After cleaning that mess up and getting her back to bed, I removed the make shift step stools and told her good night.

When I got out of the shower this morning, I could hear her rustling around in her room so I opened the door.  At least I tried to open the door and had to push more than expected.  There behind the door was a big pile of books.  Smarty pants had begun piling books up to try and stand on them to turn on the light.  She was still in the middle of her task when I walked in or I think she might have succeeded.  It was a big pile!  After telling her it probably wasn't the safest idea, I did commend her on her idea.  Once again proving that if Piper wants something, Piper will figure out how to get it. She had also managed to use a the very heavy new box of diapers sitting near her dresser to climb up and turn off her sound machine.  While up there though, she got down the big tub of A&D ointment and rubbed it liberally all over her hands.  Usually I put that up on a higher shelf but misplaced it last night.

Oh Piper, what will you think of next?  I love seeing how her little mind works.  My little MacGyver!

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Laura said...

Wow, she is quite precocious! How clever that she was able to figure out how to use what was in her room to get what she wanted. MacGyver is definitely a good analogy!