Thursday, February 24, 2011

Another Quick Piper Story

The system is processing as slow as molasses in January right now at work so as I wait for tasks to finish, I'm getting a little blogging done.  My mom just emailed me and asked if Bryce had told me about Piper's makeup "incident" yesterday.  I hadn't heard about it but did see a speck of mascara on her cheek and figured my mom had put a little on her as she does sometimes to play around.  Turns out, my mom had nothing to do with it - here's her email:

I tried to get Piper to take a nap after she’d fallen asleep in the car on way to pick-up Bryce. I laid with her for a while as she tossed and turned so I tried my luck to see if I left she’d fall asleep on her own.  I knew Bryce was waiting to play checkers so I went downstairs.  Completely forgot that my make-up bag was on sink in hallway bathroom. Anyway, I told Bryce I would need to go back up and check on Piper in a bit. Well we heard her get off bed and walk around and thought she’d appear downstairs. Well after about 5 min. I broke away and went up. She wasn’t in my bedroom, not in hall bathroom so I looked in computer room. She was up on the bed with my make-up bag next to her and when I looked in, she tried to hide it J.  She had mascara diagonally across her left forehead, eye shadow on her right cheek and wrists! LOL  She was not happy when I told her we needed to go in my bathroom to get make-up remover to remove the evidence. What a pistol!  Guess I shouldn’t let her watch me put makeup on OR remember where I have it when she’s around I completely forgot as I usually do make sure anything like that is out of sight. She’s so cute….I could only hug her.

Nothing like a little Piper story to brighten my day.  I can just see her sitting there as described and getting super mad when my mom washed it off.

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