Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Piper Barf

When I left the house this morning, Piper was fine.  She had been sipping on some milk and acting totally like herself.  But shortly after I left, she threw up that milk.  And then a short while later threw up again.  She ended up throwing up a total of 5 times - the last time at 10:30am.  She pretty much slept all day and felt semi-warm too.  Managed to eat a piece of toast and keep it down so we think maybe the barfing is over.  When I got home, she'd gone to sleep again and after she woke up I found she had a 101 temp.  A dose of ibuprofen had her complaining about her stomach again but some more Gatorade and Olivia helped that to blow over.  By the time the rest of us were done dinner though, she was back to herself, clearly the meds had helped. Now she's running around here like usual.   Weird though.  Now to find out if anyone else gets it or if this is another one of Piper's random barfing/strange viral occurrences.  The fever and fatigue tell me it's more than just her stomach but still, weird.  I'd expect this from the other 2 that go to school but Piper rarely goes out and about.  My FIL said he wasn't feeling good today either, so we'll see how he's feeling later.  I'm glad Piper is feeling better and the barfing seems to be over because it doesn't seem like a typical stomach virus - which isn't a terrible thing, but I'm curious what this bug could be.

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Katie said...

Based on facebook friends, I think there are a few stomach bugs lurking. Hopefully it is not that.