Wednesday, January 05, 2011

No More Mama and Dada

I knew this was coming and with most other kids with normal speech development, it would have come sooner, but Piper has officially stopped calling us "mama" and "dada."  We are now officially "Mommeeee" and "Daddeeee."  (She likes to linger on that eeeee sound.)  Although I will say that it's still pretty darn cute.  Especially when she says it over and over and over.  I can tell she's quite proud of herself.  She's actually starting to say more and more and I think Christmas break proved how much she can say if she wants.  She, of course, figured out how to say cookie correctly (I wonder why?).  She also now self corrects for "Big Dad" most of the time or at least you can hear her very clearly slowing down to say it rather than just blurting out "blap blap" as she used to.  I really need to put this an email to her SLP! 

In other Piper news, that girl is TESTING TESTING TESTING us!  Like never before and I refuse to let her turn into a brat or that storied youngest child who gets away with everything because she's just so cute.   You have to watch her every second!  In the past week, she's squirted toothpaste all over the bathroom, hand lotion all over her bedroom (and her), and Aquaphor all over my bedroom.  I hate that anything that belongs to me must be put on a shelf so high I can barely reach it or so out of sight that I completely forget about it.  Makes me nuts.  (Don't worry, all the truly toxic stuff is locked up!)  And then last night she blatantly refused to clean up the mess she'd made in the play kitchen.  Actually she'd messed up most of the playroom but I was willing to clean up the rest of the random stuff if she did the kitchen.  I had to almost put her to bed (at 6:30) before she finally said she'd "clean."  I took her back down and she still poked and refused to put any of the play food away into the baskets I'd laid out.  She kept climbing into the cupboard and closing the door behind her and hiding.  Well, kiddo, if that's what you want.  So I held the door closed for a minute or two and when she finally decided it wasn't fun anymore, I let her out and she cleaned up with gusto.  Yes, I held my kid in a cabinet for about 2 minutes, but she got in there herself and closed the door and she was never crying/screaming - I think it made my point as I hate when they get in there anyway!  She just thinks she's so darn funny all the time.  It's no wonder though considering Caroline and Bryce laugh at her.  Just the other day Jason kept hearing booms coming from Caroline's room and went up to find Piper jumping off of Caroline's desk.  Not her chair, her DESK!  That's a good 3 feet!  But, guess who was watching her do it?  I'm not saying Caroline has to prevent Piper from doing things but could you at least TELL us and not laugh at her?  Especially since she tattles on everything Bryce does!  And I'm still not convinced that Caroline wasn't the one who put Piper up to the Aquaphor incident based on some details that seem very Carolinesque. 

Don't get me wrong, I love Miss Piper to pieces and I think this is why it's so hard - she IS the baby and she IS adorable.  It's difficult being hard on her.  Especially when she falls to pieces and comes running sobbing into your arms when her feelings are the least bit hurt.  She really is precious although sometimes too much for her own good!

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