Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy 2011!!


Spent the evening with Katie and Binnie and their families - that's 6 adults and 8 kids!  A fun time was had by all and for the most part, the kids played very well together.  Caroline and Natalie have an interest in turning off lights which didn't make the other kids happy, but for the most part they had a great time.  Piper and Lucy seemed to have struck up a friendship too - so cute!  They are 364 days apart but they seem to totally be kindred spirits.  Big thanks to Katie and Landon for hosting.

Came home and got the kids to bed and then Jay and I played Wii Party until almost midnight.  Drank some decent champagne, toasted in the new year and went to bed.  (Caroline was woken up by the rogue fireworks again, but I think she wanted to be - much like last year.)  Jason and I both woke up with a nasty champagne headache after not even drinking that much!  What the hell is in that stuff?  But some coffee and ibuprofen did the trick and I was out the door by 10am to do my Christmas exchanges.  Can I tell you how enjoyable that was? Seriously.  I was by myself (bonus) and there was NO ONE out.  No traffic, no crowds, just empty stores.  I even had a good shopping experience at Old Navy which I haven't had in a while.  Got some great jeans, 2 sweaters, and a pair of ballet flats I'd been wanting.  YAY!

So now Piper is napping, the house is mostly picked up, and my parents are coming by to spend the afternoon/evening with us.  Tomorrow is grocery and put away Christmas day, so attempting to get ready for the week ahead.  It's been such a long break, I'll actually be ready to get back to everything this week.  Work will be crazy busy, but that's okay.  And I will get back to my 5:30 exercise schedule, which I've neglected since Christmas Eve.  I feel bad about that.  I'd lost some weight before Christmas and I didn't put much back on, but I feel kind of gross based on less than stellar eating/exercise habits.  So no real resolutions except to continue what I've been doing - and that should be easy, right?

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and new year celebration!

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BJ said...

Sounds like a great new years for the family. Sydney enjoyed her kid wine as well :> The kids look great and hope this year brings lots of fun with the kids.