Friday, January 28, 2011

Eenie Meanie

Caroline learned the "eenie meanie mynie mo" game not too long ago and now she uses it constantly to make almost all of her decisions. At first it was cute.  Now it makes me crazy because it prolongs everything.  And why can't she just make a choice?  I mean, I get that sometimes you just can't decide but all the time? I haven't said anything to her but it really makes me buggy.  You can tell she's doing it in her head sometimes when you give her a choice.  Often she does it for really weird things. Like this morning she used it to decide which profile name to play under on her Leapster.  Um, why not just choose Caroline?  (as opposed to Bryce or Piper)

Okay, well maybe it is kind of cute and it doesn't drive me that crazy but it is a little annoying when she can't just decide if she wants a bath or a shower until she does the eenie meanie thing.  Plus, she doesn't really do it "right" so her "count" is off.  But hey, a 7 year old can do that, right?

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Heather said... are I-T it!