Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Caroline Writing

Caroline has been writing for a long time now but in the past few months, she's gotten much more confident with spelling and sounding things out on her own.  Gone are the days when you have to spell every little word for her.  (Can I tell you how much I love that?)  So all of a sudden she's gotten very into writing notes, specifically love notes.  And love notes to ME!  I can't tell you how much I love it.  They're more than just "I love you" now.  They say little cute things that I know I'll always remember with a warm heart.  Her latest is to tell me "I love you so mutch! I miss you when you go away."  She takes such pride in them loves to write them secretly and give them to you with a big smile on her face. (I don't have the heart to tell her she spells "much" wrong right now.)

This morning her little notebook that she got in her stocking at Nana's was open on the table and it said something like "I like to drink but I don't drink mutch."  Ha! I have no idea where that came from but she certainly has never been much of a drinker, wonder why she deprives herself?

I have bunches of her little notes tucked in all kinds of places - jacket pockets, my purse, my wallet!  I need to store them away for the day when they stop as we all know they will.  Why do kids have to grow up so darn fast?

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Heather said...

OH, so sweet! Save those little notes. She is going to enjoy reading them so mutch when she is older!