Saturday, January 22, 2011

Before & After

This morning:

This evening:

My baby:

She was actually smiling right before I took this and right after but she was halfway under the covers and wouldn't let me get a better shot with her face showing.  She was VERY excited to come home to her new bed.  Jason and I set it up while the kids visited with my parents this afternoon.  We took the crib apart first which was weird because I remember setting it up together almost 8 years ago.  So very odd.  Time goes too fast, people.  8 years gone!!

So Piper was very excited about her bed and went to sleep without a peep.  Definitely a novelty so I know this is not how it's always going to be.  However, the most tear jerking moment came as I sat in the rocker in her room rocking her before tucking her in.  She looked up at me and said, "Where my bib?"(aka crib).  I told her it was down in the basement all taken apart.  She said, "Oh" but it was a very sad "oh."  I asked her if that was okay and she said, "No."  I asked her if she missed it and she said yes.  She asked me where her crib was one more time and I told her where it was and that her old crib wasn't safe anymore and that now she had a big kid bed like Bryce and Caroline and that made her smile.  Then I asked her if she was ready for bed and she practically ran to get into it.  She usually goes to bed pretty easily so this wasn't totally out of character for her but I could tell she wanted to try it out.  Thankfully, because it's the same mattress, the bed will feel the same to her so hopefully she'll get her usual night of sleep.  But, the "mom-meeeeee" coming from her bedroom early in the morning will be no longer.  Sniff.  Instead, she'll just come out when she's ready like she did this morning.

Incidently, I looked up our crib and found out it was basically labeled as a death trap a year ago.  Apparently the company (Childesigns) went out of business 5 years ago and all their cribs were recalled a year ago.  I know that drop side cribs are no longer being made and are being cross the board recalled as a result,  but I didn't pay much attention since I know the problem with them is mostly that idiots either don't assemble them correctly OR they continue using them after they break - neither of which we did or would do.  However, after reading the recall notice specific to the maker of our crib, it wasn't just the drop side but a concern about the bottom falling out.  Clearly, I don't think I'll be passing this crib onto anyone even though we never had one bit of a problem with it and I'd dare say we loved it dearly.  

As for the bed, the biggest hurdle with it (other then keeping Piper in it a sleep times) will be keeping Caroline and Bryce off it and Piper from jumping on it.  It says 50 lbs is the limit and I don't want to test it.  My goal is to get a good year or so out of it before we make the next move to getting Piper a big bed.  The reason I hesitated was getting her a full sized twin would mean a complete rearranging of her room and when we do that, I'll want to repaint and get a new dresser and remove the rocker too.  Plus, the toddler bed was a quick fix to our new problem - we can take our time with the new furniture/bed/room issue.   We've also never done the toddler bed before since we needed the mattress for the next baby.  Thankfully, we won't have to worry about that even though I'm having a hard time with my baby growing up so fast.


BJ said...

Very cute bed. I like the sheets and quilt.

Katie said...

The sheets are so cute. Piper looks happy there. We haven't tried a toddler bed yet either b/c we have always needed the mattress for the next baby. I can see it being a fun treat for the youngest. My mom has them at the beach and they work great.

[P.S. I give props to Landon for having the foresight to insist on a box crib (no-moving parts) back in 2004 when they were relatively new.]

Heather said...

OH! So sweet. I remember when Gretchen moved to a toddler bed. Sigh. Time does fly!