Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2 1/2

So Miss Piper is 2 1/2.  As of Friday, at least.  She's taller than Caroline was at that age but about the same height that Bryce was (as evidenced by our growth wall in the bathroom).  She's also now officially the longest crib sleeper of my three, which makes sense since the older two kind of got pushed out by the next kid coming.  Hard to believe now that Caroline was in a big girl bed at 2 (we borrowed an extra crib the first few months after Bryce was born) and Bryce was in his big boy bed just before turning 2 1/2.  As for Piper, um no, no big girl bed is planned any time soon!  She's, surprisingly, not trying to climb out and it lengthens the amount of time that I can put her to bed when she's upset and just close the door and let her cry it out.  Honestly, I'm not looking forward to the extended bedtimes that result of a kid such as herself being thrust into a bed she can get out of on her own.  She's a feisty one and based on the fact that it was a bit troublesome with both Bryce and Caroline shortly after transitioning, I'm just not ready for Piper to go through it.

Of course the other big question as you hit 2 1/2 is potty training. I'm holding off on that as well.  As much as I'd like her to be trained because of how irritated the skin gets on her little bum (yes, we've tried different diapers and diaper creams), I know she's just not ready.  In fact, I know by this point with the other 2 they'd already had a few random successes - Piper, nope.  She's not the least bit interested. Most days too, if you ask her if she's a big girl she'll say, "No!  Baby!"  Clearly she's milking this baby of the family thing for all it's worth.  Caroline was 3 years, 1 month and Bryce was almost 3 1/2 before they were truly potty trained so I'm not as hell bent on having her trained before she's 3 as a lot of people seem to think a kid should be.

Her talking continues to improve though and I think when we get to a point where she's more clearly expressing herself, we'll be able to entertain the idea of potty training.  Yesterday she used a few new phrases I'd never heard and was quite proud of herself.  I think we're on the cusp of hitting a semi-word explosion as it's been continuous lately with new words. The problem at this point though is articulation which I know her SLP will be working more on since we're getting over the expression hump.

Piper continues to be the silly girl she's always been and gets into EVERYTHING.  She finds things we didn't even know were laying out and helps herself.  Caroline regularly compares her to Ramona Quimby of the Ramona books and I have to say that I kind of agree (um, squeezing out all the toothpaste anyone?).  Piper's antics are funny, exasperating, and unexpected.    It's just a good thing she's so cute and balances out the crazy things with some really adorable ones.  Now if my house and the big kids' stuff can just survive this curious little monkey!

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