Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wrapping Frenzy

Last night, after getting the kids to bed, Jason and I headed downstairs to get started on wrapping/gift packaging.  He's already wrapped all of mine, so I guess he's one step ahead.  I told him kindly last night that he can expect that all of his gifts will come packaged in lovely gift bags since we have LOTS of them and I just won't have it in me to wrap anymore, especially since I know I'll really be DONE once we do the kids'.

Up first last night were family/teacher/friend gifts!  We told the kids we were going to do it as we were putting them to bed to test them out.  We were down in the basement that has one of those handle locks on it, but both of the big kids know how to open the door with one of those on it so it's not much of a deterrent.  Mainly, we wanted to see if curious children would try to come down and snoop - and they did.  At least Caroline tried.  We purposely were NOT wrapping their gifts for that reason.  Which makes me wonder how late we're going to have to start tonight on theirs if we want to wait until they are truly asleep.  Of course, we won't publicize our plans this time.

Little whippersnappers.  We've actually discussed putting a lock on the basement door with Christmas being one of the reasons.

I'm looking forward to wrapping their gifts though.  I love seeing all their gifts together and getting an idea of what it will look like when we put them under the tree on Friday night.   And I can't wait until Saturday morning to see their little faces.  I think all 3 of them will have a great Christmas but I'm most looking forward to Piper's reaction this year.  She's getting a "purple" Bitty Baby (a Bitty Baby dressed in this outfit!) and the Olivia house.  She's been great for reactions lately too so I am very excited about how she'll act.


Bracken said...

Love the gifts for Piper! I am sure they will all be so excited. Sydney keeps talking about the Cupcake maker she asked for. We broke down and got it so now I am so excited to see her reaction.

Heather said...

Sneaky, sneaky! Allen said he peaked one year and found all of his gifts before Christmas...he said it was the worse Christmas ever as there was no anticipation etc. He never snooped again! Learned his lesson! After we stop believing in Santa my Mom would just wrap and put them under the tree as she shopped...I hated that...there was no "Ooooh" moment in the morning anymore.

Heather said...

I think that should be "worst" not "worse"