Friday, December 24, 2010

Ho Ho Ho....Woosh!

That's Christmas coming!  It's here!  Cookies and milk are "gone."  Gifts are out and ready to be ripped into!  Kids are nestled all snug in their beds.....and I'm about to head upstairs for my long winter's nap.  No kerchief though.  Sorry to disappoint.

Hard to believe I've been off 3 days already!!  It's been a busy couple.  Wednesday, after dropping the big kids off at school, I ran errands with Piper, picked up Bryce, met with the Infants/Toddler coordinator, picked up Caroline and then took he 3 kids to Dollar Tree for them to do their shopping for the family.  BAD idea!   I mean, they were mostly good, but that is a crazy place to take 3 little kids.  Especially Piper.  She kept picking up things and laughing hysterically like her siblings were doing - of course the stuff they picked up was actually funny.  The stuff she picked up wasn't so funny but her laughing made you think it was - and you'd usually laugh along too.  It was hard to keep them focused!  She didn't want to ride in the little cart either.  I finally made her and we made it out of there spending just under 20 bucks with a few bags full of fun stuff.

Then yesterday, ran the big kids to school, worked online for 90 minutes (yes, I'm doing a little work from home to keep up with applications because it's crazy application season and it makes my return on 1/3 so much nicer). Jason picked up Bryce and then after Piper went down for her nap, I went to Caroline's school for the magic show.  Once we got home was when I found out she had a slight fever.  But a dose of ibuprofen later she was fine, yet with this nagging cough that's neither dry nor wet.  Hmmm.  The fever has never come back but the cough continues.  I'm thinking maybe the fever was a result of dehydration as Caroline is apt to be since the kid NEVER drinks.  This is weird for a wateraholic like me.  She was fine today without any cough meds but I gave her decongestant this evening before bed and I haven't heard a single cough out of her so at least she seems to be sleeping well.

We also had a terrible time getting the kids to pick up the playroom in preparation for Christmas Eve.  Disaster really.  Crazy, whacked out kids?  Check.  Raging parents? Check.   Oy.  Probably one of the worst evenings we've had with the 3 of them on record.  It continued this morning with Bryce refusing to get dressed to go to my IL's.  He almost rode up in his underpants but came around on his own and redeemed himself nicely.  In fact, all 3 kids were just perfect at my IL's today.  I don't have the energy to post any photos, but suffice it to say it was a very good day.  Wonderful gifts and happy family.  A nice day spent!

Jason and I exchanged gifts tonight (as we always do) and in addition to a portrait lens and remote control for my camera, I got a Kodak digital video camera.  Do you call it a camera when it's the size of a phone???  Anyway, it's really cool like all digital video cameras are but, get this, it's freaking waterproof!!  That's right, you'll be seeing some videos of my kids underwater coming summer 2011!  Woohoo!  Jason has such good tech buying skillz!  So one of us will be taking still shots tomorrow and the other will be doing some videoing.   Yay!

After that, it's off to my mom and dad's for some more jolly good Christmasing where I believe there just might be a few gifts.  And maybe, just maybe, we'll talk a little bit about the potential for snow on Sunday.  I mean it IS my dad after all - the man should be an honorary weather guy.  He likes to keep the Weather Channel on PIP during any possible east coast hurricane or snow storm.  I love that guy!  But really though, I'm concerned about the potential storm for 2 reasons - our beloved Lydia is supposed to fly in on Sunday and we're supposed to go to my grandmother's in Western MD.   So, we shall see as it seems even the Foot's Forecast guys aren't completely sure what's going to happen.

So white Christmas or not, we shall see.  Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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