Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tooth Drama

So Caroline is 7 years old and has all her baby teeth and no loose ones.  Well, at least until this morning.  She and Bryce were fighting (and chasing) like cats and dogs this morning.  I told them continuously to knock it off but they were determined to continue to agitate one another.  Bryce did something and took off, Caroline took off after him and behind my back a collision occurred.  Caroline's mouth into Bryce's head.  She, of course, started whining about how badly she was hurt and Bryce kind of brushed it off.  Then I turned around and saw a drop of blood on her chin.  Sweet.

I took her into the kitchen and sat her up on the counter and took a look.  Light bleeding from around the base of the top right front tooth and quite loose.  Sigh.  She was VERY upset about it.  Especially when I mentioned that this might be the first tooth she loses.  She hadn't eaten anything yet and now is refusing to eat.  Should be a fun day.

I guess I'm a little more upset about it than I should be.  I don't like the notion of my kids losing teeth mostly because it means they are growing up and their little kid look is being left behind.  But I had prepared myself for those first 2 teeth falling out because the bottom ones don't change much.  It's those top front that are the game changers.  Plus, I also wonder how long she'll be without this tooth since it will likely be falling out prematurely.  I highly doubt it will tighten back up, but, as Bryce says, you never know.

So today (and all the days it remains loose in her mouth) will be a bit dramatic.  Caroline has always been my dramatic child and it doesn't surprise me that something as common as a loose tooth could be a source of drama for her.  Even though every kid in her class has lost a tooth, it still is a lot for her to handle.  Better go find that gold dollar the tooth fairy is planning on doling out.


Katie said...

Emily cried when her 1st one came out and she would have wailed if Lucy had caused it to come out! Hopefully she'll be excited by the time it falls out. I have extra gold dollars if you want to come to Davies Bank tomorrow. ;-)

Heather said...

OH! That's a BUMMER. I always hated losing my teeth...and to lose it against someone's head is a double-bummer! I hope it tightens up again...look at it this way, at least its not her adult tooth already there that's loose...that would suck! I chipped my front adult tooth on the swingset when I was a was like half a mom freaked and took me to the dentist...he said not to worry, then he filed it down even more (which made my mom freak even more) and said it will grow to meet the other tooth...and it did! Go figure!