Friday, December 10, 2010

Thoughtful Sister Award

Well, after the frustration of the week, I feel it's quite important to address a highlight of the week.

This year at Caroline's school, they have instituted a new behavior policy where students can earn tickets for good behavior.  Positive reinforcement at its best, the children randomly will receive little blue fair tickets for respectful, thoughtful, and helpful behavior.  Generally it tends to be for behavior that they didn't have to do - like when the rest of the class is loud and you're following directions.  Or when another student has some trouble and you step in to help without being asked.  I've witnessed Ms. B giving out tickets for those behaviors and you can tell when she bestows tickets how proud the child is for being recognized.  Ms. B does a great job with handing them out too - she isn't stingy with them but she also doesn't hand them out willy nilly either. 

Every two weeks, each class gets to visit the school "store" that is stocked with goodies that can only be bought with tickets starting.  The minimum is 5 tickets and I'm guessing they must have a lot of 5 ticket items as I'm sure most of the younger kids can't fathom not buying something with their tickets just to save them up.

This initiative didn't start until mid-fall so Caroline earned her first prize sometime in October - she was thrilled.  And what did she get?  A "Tech Deck" which is what all the kids call these little finger skateboards.  I really don't think they are the real Tech Decks but to the kids they are allllll the rage.  When she brought it home, Bryce was very interested and Caroline told him she would save up for one for him.  (I thought that was very nice of her to even suggest and told her so.)  Anyway, since then Caroline has earned enough tickets a few times to get prizes but because the Tech Decks are such a big hit, the store has been out of them so she's ended up picking something else randomly out for herself - just as I think she should.

Well, yesterday I got home from work and was met in the garage by Bryce.  In his hands was a little finger skateboard - Caroline had "bought" it for him that day with her tickets!  He was just thrilled and I could tell when I got into see her, how proud she was to have given it to him.  I can't tell you how it warms my heart to know she was thinking of him yesterday when she want to the store and saw they had more of the little skateboards!!  I only wish I'd been there when she gave it to him - I'm sure she was just busting to get through the door. 

It's moments like these that I realize that even with all the fighting that they do, they really do love each other and that clearly we're doing something right if they are thinking of one another.  Jason was really proud of Caroline too and used her thoughtful act to give her the Barbies she'd had taken away earlier in the week back. 

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