Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sister Room Share

Today at Costco, I randomly saw a cute, white bunk bed set and immediately thought of my girls.  Currently Caroline has a bed frame that belonged to me and before that to my dad!!  (The mattress and box springs are not hand me downs, however.)  Anyway, I've been thinking that this summer will probably be the best time to transition Piper to a real bed and when that happens, she'll need a lot of new furniture.  Clearly the crib is done and the dresser she has really isn't geared to hold many clothes - fine for a baby, but not for a growing girl.

So when I saw those bunks (that can also be separate twin beds), I mentioned it to Jason.  My thought was to get them as a set and not use them bunked, but in their separate rooms, but have the option to bunk.   And guess who overheard?  Yep, Caroline.  The mere mention of bunk beds stirred her up!  She immediately started asking to please please please buy them and to have Piper move into her room RIGHT AWAY!  It was crazy - she didn't stop bugging me until we were halfway home.  I told her we weren't buying them now and even when we did, we probably would get Piper used to a big girl bed in her current room first and then think about room sharing in a few years.  I mentioned to Caroline too how much she likes her alone time in her room after she's supposed to be sleeping - to read aloud, to fiddle around, etc and that she wouldn't be able to do that if Piper was in there.  Of course, she brushed that off.

Who knows if there is room sharing in their future, but I really do want to buy them matching beds so we'd have the option down the road, even if only for a year or two.  Bryce said he wanted bunk beds too and when I asked him why, it made me kind of sad.  He tells me every now and then that he wishes he had an older brother.  Ha!  Can't help you there buddy.

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