Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pre-Christmas Germs

It's semi germy week at our house.  Bryce started hacking over the weekend and I thought maybe it was his allergies acting up or something, but then it spread to Caroline and they both have a little throat congestion and cough - but nothing terrible.  As long as Caroline doesn't have a head cold, I can deal.  Head colds are the end of the world as far as she's concerned. And then on Monday evening, right as we were sitting down to dinner, Piper started complaining about her stomach hurting.  Oy.  She laid on the couch and proceeded to barf up the little bit that was in her belly.  My first thought was that it was one of her random barfing incidents, but Jason asked me if I thought she felt a little warm and I kind of did.  She was.  Low grade fever.  She felt better after throwing up so we waited to see what would happen.  She woke up on Tuesday with a fever (still fairly low) and you could tell just by looking at her she wasn't herself.  She had that glassy, droopy look to her eyes and even after the medicine kicked in, she still wasn't her energetic self.  She took it easy and was acting fairly normal when I got home.  Apparently, she was having some lower GI issues as well, which confirmed my hope that it was just something viral.  (I was having worries about what if it could be a UTI or something like that.)  She woke up this morning pretty much back to herself.

As for B and C, so far no tummy issues and they don't seem too bothered although getting Bryce to cover his cough every single time is aggravating.  He's pretty good about it but those sneaky coughs leave him blasting anyone around him with germs - namely ME!  My throat started bothering me last night and I woke up with it feeling raw this morning, my ears popping, and feeling the cold 'aches.'  Oh well.  At least it's just a cold and I have some time to clear up before Christmas.  Although we've got fun things planned for this weekend so I'm not planning on letting anything keep me down.  Not that a cold ever does - mothers don't have time for colds. 

Time to take some iburprofen, drink some tea and do some work.  They're calling for a few inches of snow this afternoon and if they decide to close early, I've got a bunch of work to do.  Counting today, 4 more work days in 2010!! Woohoo!


Katie said...

Awesome xmas photo!!!!

Lauren said...

LOVE the new title and photo!! SO cute!!!