Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Yesterday was our veg out, pajama day after 3 days of Christmas, we needed it. Kids were on excellent behavior for 3 days which means that yesterday, as a down day, was not so great behavior wise. Lots of fighting and all of a sudden all 3 of them are biting. WTH? Although I think it has to do with the fact that the biting comes as a result of them being in close proximity (wrestling/laying on each other). We've already had a bunch of incidents today.

Tonight we're heading down to visit with some friends and I'm looking forward to getting out with them as it generally means they're happier. I've been super tired and achy since Sunday evening and thinking it's some kind of weird viral thing. Caroline still has that yucko cough and Piper seems to have a little head cold. I just keep taking ibuprofen and drinking a lot of tea.

Christmas wrappings and bags were put away on Sunday before I went to bed (very late) but not all gifts are put away - although it's mostly toys laying out which there's almost no point to cleaning up because the second it's put away, someone drags it back out.

All 6 Zhu Zhus are now accounted for. The final one was found by me yesterday when I was playing Wii Party with Bryce where you hide the Wii remotes. It was kind of wedged under a bag that had been previously hidden by the extra large wrapping trash bag.

Today it's kid laundry day and more organization. I want to run out to Dollar Tree at some point and get a bunch of the small bins they have there for organizing the kids' kitchen and some baby doll stuff that Piper and Caroline got. Not today, but sometime before the break is over.

Piper already ripped the new baby doll stroller she got on Sunday. You can probably guess how. Yep, sitting and strapping herself into it. She doesn't like that she's not supposed to sit in it! I will fix it but wanted her to have a consequence.

For some reason this year I'm kind of sad about the holiday already being almost over. In recent years I've been glad when the Christmas music stopped and I could take down the tree. Not sure why. Maybe it's just been a really good holiday.

Looking forward to more visits with family/friends in the coming days too because that's what the holiday is all about, after all.

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Katie said...

Don't forget to bring your controllers & new game to NYE party!