Monday, December 06, 2010

No 7th Birthday Cake Photo

No happy birthday cake moment this year!  :( At the moment we were going to sing Happy Birthday to Caroline (and photograph and video it like we do every year), she freaked out.  Weird because two seconds before she had been parading around in a variety of different costumes for everyone.  (My family and Jay's family were over.)  So we sang, Bryce and Piper blew them out, and Caroline proceeded to cry loudly in her room about it all.  My mom went up and listened to her and when she started to try and blame Bryce and Piper for everything, she left.  Caroline came down about 15 minutes later and sheepishly got some cake and ice cream.  Too much birthday?  Maybe so.  It was a very good weekend, she said so herself, but that behavior was my perfect reasoning for why we don't do birthday parties. Caroline is definitely the most sensitive of my 3 kids and things just strangely set her off sometimes.  (My MIL agreed with me that it was very much like something Jason might have done at that age.)

Here she is opening gifts:

And after she settled down from her weird funk:

Thankfully, she was fine after some cake and the rest of the evening was fine.  She had a terrific time on our "girls day out" on Saturday with her friend and I.  We had lunch at Bertucci's, saw Tangled, and they had some Cold Stone Creamery.  Tangled was ADORABLE!  Totally an awesome Disney movie, even though I'm still annoyed they didn't call it Rapunzel, as they should have.  But the character of Rapunzel is fantastic.  So many levels that you can watch it on - from a kid perspective, from an adult perspective, and as a parent.  There were some really beautiful scenes and the resolution made me tear up.  Not sure if I'll take Bryce though because it was slow in a few parts and he gets antsy, but Caroline loved it too, and that was what mattered most to me that day.

So a good birthday weekend for the big 7th birthday!

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