Wednesday, December 08, 2010

New Day

As I was leaving for work yesterday in my frazzled state, I had a moment to talk with Caroline about her behavior and the need for her to have good behavior for Nana the rest of the morning and rest of the day if she expected to earn any of her toys back. She promised she would and when I talked to my MIL later, I was happy to hear that Caroline was heeding my advice. I was happy to hear as well when I got home that Caroline had had a good afternoon as well.  The rest of the evening even went well with Caroline starting to work on her birthday thank you notes without any complaints and doing a bang up job, so far!  (I think she is proud of herself and her new found writing and spelling abilities too!)  Even bath and bedtime went well.  Thank goodness!

Then this morning, Bryce went in and started getting dressed before I told him to before breakfast!  I couldn't believe how fast he got dressed!  When we went down for breakfast, even with all 3 of them up, there was NO drama.  Caroline was teaching Piper to count to 10 as they waited for breakfast (in Piper's eyes, Caroline can teach her anything) and Bryce was helping me get things on the table.  As Bryce was eating, I reminded him how he didn't have to rush this morning - he could take his time because all he had to do was brush his teeth. 

I finished up and went up to dry my hair and up he came, brushed his teeth, and went back down just as my ILs were arriving.  Peace on Earth must feel something like this!!   On the way to school, I commented to Bryce what a nice morning it was and how nice it was not to have to yell or bother him about hurrying up.  He agreed!  So while I know every morning won't be this easy, at least it's something to build on.  I can't tell you how nice it was, especially because I woke up with a splitting headache and would have been miserable had I needed to use more forceful kid wrangling skills 

So thank you kiddos, mommy has faith in humanity again.

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Heather said...

I think they know when they have pushed us to our limits and then give us a little nice for you! I hope it lasts!