Thursday, December 02, 2010

More Random Barfing

Is it an epidemic??

Last night at 12:30, I was awakened by someone banging on me.  I was in a deep sleep so when I woke up to Caroline standing there and telling me she had just thrown up, I didn't quite compute.  Actually, I wouldn't have been surprised had it been Bryce that had thrown up because he was oddly tired yesterday and it made me wonder if he was the one getting sick. 

Anyway, when I finally came to, I realized Caroline seemed unusually perky for someone who had just thrown up.  I followed her (bouncing) into the bathroom to find that while she had made it out of bed (yay!), she didn't make it to the toilet.  Instead she'd thrown up in the trash can directly NEXT to the toilet.  Huh?  Thankfully, Wednesday night is trash night so the only thing in said trash can, aside from vomit, was a few paper cups.  I fished those out with a shopping bag and then bleached the trash can.  As I'm standing there cleaning up, Caroline immediately started worrying about her plans for me bringing in birthday snacks at school on Friday and about her girl's day out plans on Saturday.  I told her that we didn't have to make decisions on either of those until the morning of and that the only thing we knew right now was that she wouldn't be going to school tomorrow (Thursday).

Caroline took a few sips of water and then went and laid back down in her bed.  She said she still felt a little bit yucky but I encouraged her to go back to sleep, which she did.

Of course at this point all kinds of scenarios are running through my mind - stomach virus going through my house, being up the rest of the night with a barfing child, Caroline having to miss her birthday at school and having to reschedule her girl's outting.  Thankfully, all that thinking put me back to sleep within the hour and when my alarm went off at 6am (skipped the 5:30am workout this morning, thanks to the barf!), I was pleasantly surprised that nothing else had, um, come up. 

When Caroline got up around 7am, she said she felt fine and sipped on some Gatorade.  I talked to my IL's a little later and she'd had some peanut butter toast (hates regular toast) and said she was feeling even better and was playing on  So who knows what it was.  Weird, I tell you.  I'll take it over a true stomach bug any day though. 


Heather said...

Having spent a significant amount of time in the hospital with a stomach virus a few years's a tip...water can induce MORE vomiting! So its best to drink Gatorade or Ginger Ale with the bubbles stirred out. Here's hoping everyone is well real soon.

Viv said...

Both of my girls had a very similar episode to Caroline about 2 weeks ago - not full on vomit (thankfully) and once the little episode passed they were fine. Their incidents happened about 2 or 3 days apart so i didn't even realize they might be connected until after the fact. Here's hoping that this years stomach bug is short and not messy for all!