Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Merry!

It was a wonderful Christmas.  Kids were up around 7am and gift opening took all of 7 minutes.  Well, at least the wrapping paper part.  My sore fingers tell me how long the unpackaging and assembly took.   Had a nice breakfast with Williams Sonoma croissants sent to us by the wonderful Jackie and Jim (Gigi and Popou).  They were a little bit of heaven on Christmas morning with the Donut Shop coffee I'd just gotten.  We messed around with gifts a little longer and then made it over to my mom and dad's by noon.  Kids played around and we had lunch (I don't think kids like to eat on Christmas) and we waited for my brother and Kelly to get there.  Chrissa and Lola were already there and Piper was overcome with JOY to spend the day with her friend Lola.  (Oh and Piper named her Bitty Baby "Purple Lola.")

A wonderful Christmas gifting with my parents and then a delicious dinner.  I feel so lucky to have parents and siblings that I enjoy spending my time with.  The kids, once again, made up for their disasterous behavior on 12/23 by being soooo good for the 2nd day in a row.   We bathed the kids at my mom's which always makes the transition home easier.  I'd like to have stayed longer as I love a leisurely Christmas evening at my mom's but Piper after 2 days of no nap and not enough sleep was exhausted and fading fast.  I'm always sad to leave on Christmas as I never want it to be over!  Such a good day!

And now, well, now is the tricky part.  We are supposed to head to Western MD tomorrow to spend the day at my grandmother's with my dad's extended family.  But, they are calling for 6-10 inches of snow now with heaviest amounts in the afternoon/evening.  I'm sure we'd get there without issue in the morning but the getting back part isn't so sure.  They'll be getting less snow up there (less than 3 inches) but you have to drive over 2 mountains and that can be tricky.  Plus, 10 inches (what they're calling for in our direct area), is difficult to drive through if your neighborhood isn't plowed, which it may not be.  And who knows what shape the highways would be in.  My mom/dad have 4 wheel drive and might be driving my brother, sister in law and sister up but that leaves us in our van.  They might even spend the night, but the problem with that is my g-ma's house is already crowded with my dad's brother's family there.  Where we'd sleep is a bit of a problem.  Mom suggested getting a hotel but that sounds like more trouble than it's worth.  I'd be sad to miss seeing everyone though.  Although if we don't go, we'd be sure to go up later in the week to spend some time with my grandmother since she's the main reason I'd be going to begin with.  I know how much she enjoys seeing the kids.

So the plan right now is to wait until we wake up in the morning and see how bad it is.  If it's already getting bad, the decision is made.  If it's still yet to come, we'll have a decision to make.

Christmas photos and talk about what the kiddos got is coming.  There are quite a few funny stories from the day.  Piper's favorite gift seemed to be the janitor set - um yeah - more on that later.

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