Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Just Dance

My MIL and FIL brought me my birthday gift today and along with a very nice set of cotton knit pajamas (yay, for no flannel or fleece!), I got Just Dance for the Wii!  I've heard good things about it and so the kids and I tried it out tonight after dinner.  Sooooo fun!  Even Piper got into it at first.  I think Caroline and I will end up having the most fun with it though.

We all ended up having to take our sweatshirts/long sleeves off and turn on the ceiling fan because you get warmed up fast!  We did about 25 minutes of dancing (and laughing) and were pretty worn out by the end.  Made me feel a little better about the cookie and brownie I had after dinner.  Darn birthday brownies!  Don't think I'll make it to my 5:30 workout tomorrow given how late I've stayed up wrapping, but maybe a little Just Dance tomorrow evening (and running all over the place tomorrow) will give me enough cardio to get me by!

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Bracken said...

Sounds like a great way to get exercise in. My parents got Sydney the Wii for Christmas so we will see how she likes it.