Saturday, December 04, 2010

It's Hard to Be Five

Have you seen/read It's Hard to be Five?  My mom got this for Caroline when she turned five and while there was some correlation for her, for Bryce it is the PERFECT description of my son.  I cannot tell you how much so.  We are having a hard time with him lately and this book fits him to a T.  He is absolutely exasperating most days (at home).  Jason and I just want to throw our hands up quite often.  And with Bryce's dislike for ever being in a room by himself, he is always with you complaining about something.  He has the ability to make you want to scoop him up and kiss him all over one second and the next want to throttle him.  I've always said he's like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  But now at 5 years old, I think we've hit his peak.  He just has a lot of issues controlling his emotions and his reactions to things.  He complains constantly about something.  Often just because he wants to complain.  He's always hungry but never wants ANYTHING we're having for dinner.  We just can't win.  He's truly not badly behaved, he just is having a lot of trouble dealing with life.  And if you read that book, I guess it's just par for the course.

He's one of those kids too, that when you take him somewhere, everyone ooos and ahhs over what a sweet, nice, well mannered kid he is.  His teacher at school thinks he's great.  He's just adorable.  But then he turns into Mr. Hyde at home and all bets are off.  His exhaustion has a lot to do with it too so we are aware that problems get worse later into the evening we go.

I know this is just a phase and we have to wait it out.  I hope our sanity can remain intact.

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Heather said...

OH NO! I thought threes were bad. Sigh. I guess 25 won't be so bad....ha ha ha!

Kids generally can hold it together at school well...and then at home they are in their comfort zone so parents often see the "bad" behavior.