Saturday, December 04, 2010

Happy 7th Birthday, Caroline!

From there:

To here in 7 years...

I can't believe she is 7.  I thought 6 seemed old, but 7 is definitely in the big kid zone.  Sigh.  So grown up and capable of so many things.

We gave her the gifts we got her last night since she'll be out and about for most of today and I wanted her to have a chance to play.  Then on Sunday we're having the family over for the rest of her celebration.  Today is a "girl's day" where I'm taking her and her friend out for lunch, movies and ice cream!  She's so excited to be sharing this day with her friend.  (And I'm glad to not be hosting a birthday party!)  Hopefully the younger 2 won't get too upset when we leave as Bryce has already been talking about wanting to come along.  Birthdays are always hardest on the siblings at this age.  It's just not fair to them, which I understand.  Bryce is already plotting to help Caroline open her gifts tomorrow as Caroline had a hard time keeping her hands off of his back in August.  Joy.

But for today, we'll enjoy the occasion of Caroline turning 7.

Oh and the Barbie "house" you see above is awesome!  We decided NOT to go the route of a true house for Barbies as I truly don't think it would get played with (as other friends have had the same experience at their house) and they're huge!  So I found this and it was a total hit.  Plus it folds up completely and is pretty small when collapsed.  (And I got it much cheaper than what it's advertised for here!)

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Katie said...

Happy B'day to Caroline! I remember her first birthday party like it happened yesterday!!! Seven IS big-kid territory! (sigh)

P.S. Guess what Santa is bringing my girls for xmas???!!!