Thursday, December 30, 2010

Clean Up Help

So we've had many many many clean up time disasters in recent months.  Many.  I'm trying to get to the root of it and while I do think a large part of it has to do with attitude (and blaming Piper for everything), I was wondering this morning if a part of it could be due to the fact that our organization in the playroom is somewhat lacking.  We have a toy box, small bins, and one shelf, but if you looked in my playroom you'd see all those things are a bit overflowing with very little organization.  In fact, all their board games are on the bottom of our Ikea Expedit shelf.  So then, a little light went on - maybe they need more places to put things!  I looked around online and kept coming back to the very same Expedit shelf.  It's big, sturdy, and not that expensive!  So, since we were already headed out to Costco, I suggested to Jason that we use part of the kids' MeeMaw Christmas money toward something VERY useful to them instead of just putting it in the bank as we usually do.  He seemed game so we decided to treat the kids to Ikea lunch (they love it and so do I!!) and get the shelf.  Didn't take long to find our shelf and get a few of those nifty shelf sized storage bins.  Only problem is that they are supposed to have them in black and pink but they were totally out of black.  I liked them way better than the wicker variety (cheaper and less likely to leave pieces all over my house), so I figured I wouldn't damage Bryce too much by getting 4 pink ones.  It almost didn't fit in the van and I could see the anxiety and "told you so" look on Jason's face but he figured out he could slide it in width wise under the kids' feet and we were go!  Onto a very crowded Costco and then home.

After dinner, I helped the kids clean up the playroom and then Jason vacuumed and we rearranged the existing storage to be ready for the new shelf.  He assembled it in no time but it's currently laying on the floor waiting to be secured to the wall first thing tomorrow.  He doesn't want to chance a little monkey (ahem, Piper) climbing it and pulling it over.  Egads!  I can't wait to get the room all situated again and help them to put things away neatly.  Hopefully, this new order will make it easier to clean up and less overwhelming which I think has been part of the problem.  And if it doesn't, well, it will look pretty.

The little 3 shelf organizer has now been moved to Bryce's room and it's doing a nice job there already.  I kind of think Caroline needs something now but I'm wondering what because she doesn't have much space left.  Maybe it's time for a reorganization in her room.  Good heavens, that room is a PIT!  Even when she cleans it up and "organizes" it, I cringe at all the little junk she keeps.


Heather said...

One suggestion I read somewhere (Family Fun magazine, I think) is to put a photograph on the outside of the bin of what is supposed to go in sort of streamlines the cleaning process. I keep meaning to do it in Gretchen's room...maybe I will...

Viv said...

I was in Ikea yesterday and I saw they have black bins next to the pink ones now - not sure that's what you really want either but just letting you know.