Monday, December 06, 2010

Bryce Proofs

Bryce's proofs came back today (click on the photo to make it bigger)! Such a handsome little dude - almost makes me forget how difficult he can be. I like the non-Christmas pose, but wish he wasn't looking up so much. My favorite expression is #2 even though it's a Christmas background. (I tend to prefer a neutral background.) Not sure why he was looking up so much given he's not looking up in the 2nd pose. So I'll probably go with #2 But he's still pretty darn cute, no matter what. It's a good thing too.

ETA - Scratch that! Jason and Bryce like #1 the best. I think I'm ordering some of both. Now to decide which one I want in my office and in the family room. Need my mom and MIL to chime in too. :)


Viv said...

I like #1 the best too (not that you asked me) I'm not a fan of fake props and phony backgrounds. I'd rather have solid backdrops or a real setting that means something, but maybe that's just me.

He looks super cute in all of them BTW!

BJ said...

He is a handsome little fellow!!! I like the first one.

Heather said...

#2 I love his smile!