Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bryce Growing Up

For the most part, Bryce will wear whatever you lay out for him.  He wants to know when it's game day to wear the right team shirt and he will sometimes insist on a particular shirt if he's feeling into superheroes or something, but for the most part he is pretty easy.  Although he especially likes clothes that look like what Jason wears (on non-work days).

So you can imagine my surprise this evening when I laid out a new set of pajamas for him to put on after his bath and he refused to put them on.  (Of course, I had thrown out the tags already because, heck, they're pajamas, what's the big deal?)   They are a set of white, fleece footie pajamas with green/brown/orange jungle animals all over them.  Sure, they're not GQ, but they're for a 5 year old!  I asked him what was wrong with them because he has a pair of red footie pajamas that he absolutely LOVES to wear and I figured this would be more of the same.  Nope.  "They look like something a baby would wear." (And he said it in such a quiet, serious tone.)

I almost cried when he said it.  Really?  Bryce?  You think about that?  I don't want you to grow up - you are my baby boy!!  Jason and I kind of put a little bit of humorous pressure on him thinking if he got them on it wouldn't be so bad, but nope.  Although I do think he was VERY tired and that if he'd been in a clearer state of mind he might have at least tried them on.  (Oh and Jason says under his breath during the whole commotion "You look like a pink nightmare!" alluding to the scene in A Christmas Story where Ralphie has to wear pink, girly pajamas.  These PJs are FAR from that!!)

I reassured him no one would see him in them (thank goodness I hadn't packed them for our family NYE get together!!) and that I have lots of clothes I would never wear out in public.  He seemed interested in that, but still he wouldn't even try them on.  After I got him into another set of PJs, he asked about trying them on again and I knew at that point, through his tears, that he was just plain tired and there was no reasoning with him.

I really do hope he'll put them on and realize they're not so bad - they're super cuddly and warm - just like he likes his PJs.  So Bertie, I love the PJs you got Bryce - maybe he just needs a little time and he'll wear them.   I joked we could "throw them away" and he didn't want that which tells me he's not 100% sure he's done with them.

I'm just mourning the loss of innocence a little and I'm soooo not looking forward to the day when Piper won't let me dress her in super cute, little kid stuff.  I really might lose it that day.

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Heather said...

LOUIE has those "baby" jammies...he's wearing them tonight!